Friday, July 01, 2005

As I was saying...

I'm not getting into an argument over climate change on first principles. Look, I have a lot of people to offend here, and if I waste all my time on climate change deniers, I'll never get round to pissing people off over abstinence or intelligent design.

Co-incidentally, the Guardian is featuring special reports on global warming today. They at least seem to have noticed that when it gets warmer people don't actually flourish, they die.

Don Brash's announcement that National would pay NZC's fine for defaulting on the tour to Zimbabwe is unbelievably generous. Literally. I suspect he's looking at the initial $2 million fine, and not the overall costs, which people who actually know what they're talking about put at closer to $40m, given the Indian television rights. But given the nuclear policy gone by lunchtime, taxcuts by Christmas track record of the man, if he promised YOU he wouldn't leave you carrying a $40m can, would you believe him?

It's crystal clear from this that National party "policy" (or at least, pre-election promises which will, I'm dead sure, bear absolutely no resemblance to actual policy) is entirely dictated by opinion polls.


Anonymous TP said...

Yes well. They don't go and they don't pay. How about that? Mugabe is a evil murderer, they mustn't go. They don't go. But once again - money talks. Grrr. Brash is a tosser - talk is cheap when you're in the opposition - I don't believe or trust him. My Wigram vote up for grabs. Y'know I think Helen gets my party vote, or the greens...

11:54 am  

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