Saturday, June 25, 2005

Why am I here?

Okay, my purpose here should be fairly obvious: reflecting the run-up to the election from my little place in the world. Why does it matter? Well, it doesn't, not really, that's the joy of blogging.

But the thing about living in Wigram is that, much like living in Tauranga, you get completely taken for granted. Everyone, politicians, media, the blogosphere, just assume that the electorate is one massive amorphous blob that only exists to ensure that That Bastard the sitting MP will never, ever get turfed out of Parliament no matter what. In many ways, campaigning rather passes us by, and I'm willing to bet that by September, there'll be a few people in Wellington Central to whom that'd sound like heaven. If it weren't for MMP, my vote would be completely pointless.

Ironically, I should be perfect Anderton-vote territory. I'll look at why in the next post. But I don't WANT to vote for him, and what I really want is for someone to give me a really good reason to vote for them instead. Last time round I voted for the Alliance candidate who stood against Jim because, man, you gotta reward balls, right? What am I going to do this time? I don't know yet. Watch and see. The only thing I do know is, I'm not voting for Jim.


Anonymous Sayana said...

Hmm - I also ahve no idea who or which party I will be voting for. Georgina Beyer is no longer representing Wairarapa in this upcoming election, and I sure as hell don't like her replacement from Labour.

8:52 pm  
Anonymous tp said...

duh. just realised I'm now in electorate. gah. means I have to think.... I await your instructions ;-)

10:57 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vote Tetauru Emile for Wigram

1:19 pm  

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