Friday, June 24, 2005

Fresh Fields

After much dithering, I've gone and done it, as you can tell. Until the election, I'm moving my political posting off Xanga and over here. Those of you looking for the gossip, child-related blathering and role-playing waffle should be here. Those of you who just appreciate the blend of cogent, impassioned, and bitchy are in the right place.

While this is going to be very much about New Zealand in general, Christchurch in particular, and Wigram even more particularly than that, I'm really hoping that some of my English, Canadian, American etc readers will make the jump over. I got personal about your elections: now it's payback time. The kicker being that, of course, no-one really cares what happens here. But one of the things I'm hoping to provide is a window into a peculiar little country with lots of political options, that holds its elections on Saturdays, and doesn't allow campaigning on election day, let alone people ramming 'how to vote' pamphlets in your face as you try to fight your way to the polling booth.


Anonymous Morgane said...

Arghh! The only reason I didn't comment on your 'where to get political' post is 'cause I was busy making all my old posts private. Took me about six sodding hours - good job I had a fun game of cricket in the background to keep me on a happy high ;-)

(I woulda said keep it at Xanga 'cause it's eeeeeeeasier, but never mind, I'll follow you :-))

8:36 pm  
Anonymous Sayana said...

Eeep - missed the cut off too - I'll follow, but would have been just as happy over at Xanga

8:51 pm  
Anonymous Liam said...

Indeed - a *civilized* election :-)

11:04 pm  
Anonymous Zvanoizu said...

"Those of you who just appreciate the blend of cogent, impassioned, and bitchy are in the right place."

*just grins*

I don't know a bit about the elections in New Zealand, but it'll be interesting peeking in here. *waves*

3:43 am  
Anonymous Foxxy said...

I'm not sure I'll reach impassioned, but I definitely interested, that counts for something right? Right. 'xactly ect. :) 'Nyways, I'm here and caught up.

5:07 pm  

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